How To Maintain Sewing Machine

How To Maintain Sewing Machine

Sewing machines have been used for a long time by a lot of women and men as well but usually women have shown more liking towards it throughout history.

The usage of these Sewing machines is done for a more extended period and that can cause the engine to have some problems now and then.

There are some ways in which you can keep your machine clean and make it function properly.

  • Covering your sewing machine

Once you are done working on the Sewing machine you should keep it covered with some cloth. Dust can screw up the device as it is its main enemy.

  • Change needles regularly

The needles are used continuously on the machine and thus it can cause a lot of problems like skipping some spots and fabric can be torn and it also does damage tot he machine.

  • Using compressed air to get the lint out

Whenever you are done working on a project after that you need to clean the machine effectively as lots of threads can be stuck on the device.

  • Clean the machine annually
cleaning sewing machine

It would help if you had a fixed annual clean up of the whole machine to make it work smooth and longterm. The machines life is depended on how well it was used and how clean it has been kept throughout.

  • Regularly oil the machine

Just like any other machine the sewing machine also gets clogged up due to its long working hours. It’s always better to oily it from time to time to make it work effectively. The maintenance of the machine is depended on how open the parts of the device are and they can be kept more open with regular use of oil.

  • Get help from a professional
oiling sewing machine

If your machine is used a lot and you are facing some severe problems which cannot be solved by you with all the above techniques.

In that case you need to take help from a professional sewing machine repairing person who can clean the machine from top to bottom and make it work like a brand new product.

It would help if you always wiped the machine with a cloth to keep it dust free as once it starts getting dust on it it will start giving you lots of problems which can be a financial loss as well so always take care of your machine like any other asset.

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